What We Do

Street aware is a bespoke school drug education programme, providing in-depth information about the dangers of substance misuse, in particular 'legal highs/ new psychoactive substances'. Street Aware Staff work in a non-judgemental, honest and open manner.

Street Aware's aims and beliefs are:

Raise awareness of the dangers of substance misuse (including new drugs/legal highs) to young people and to provide vital harm reduction messages in an educational setting to reduce risky behaviour.

Engage with parents to help them understand the dangers of substance misuse and feel comfortable having conversations with their children

Train designated Teachers to ensure they feel confident tackling substance misuse and support those that require help.

Ensure our services are current and relevant, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in substance misuse. Dispelling the myths and be 'Street'.

Work with a wide range of agencies to ensure sign-posting to local services for specialist, long-term on going support for substance misuse.

Educate. Prevent. Make a difference. Save lives.


The Street Aware Programme includes:

Drug awareness sessions and assemblies

Discussion groups

Resource development

Lesson plans

Teacher training and enhanced learning

Ongoing support and policy development

Peer mentoring

Parent engagement sessions