Stay ‘Street Aware’ with Sevenco

One of the biggest factors facing young people today is the misuse of drugs, with so many young lives being impacted. Young people are particularly vulnerable to the experimentation of substances, often with devastating consequences. Our aim’s are to deliver evidence based drugs, alcohol and resilience education to schools across Warwickshire. One of the main aims of our project is to help to reduce drug related crime in the area.

The programme takes a look at the misuse of drugs as well as the dangers of so called ‘legal highs’ and how they can have detrimental consequences. According to our research carried out through a pilot project targeted towards under 16’s – 20% of young people have experimented with illegal substances and a further 50% would consider using them in the future. This is extremely worrying, which is why the support of Crimebeat has been invaluable!

Crimebeat Warwickshire is a local charity, established in 2003 which aims to enable and empower young people in Warwickshire to make a real difference in their local community. They are part of the National Crimebeat initiative and achieve this by encouraging young people to undertake community projects and provide financial and practical support. Crimebeat are supported by the High Sheriff of Warwickshire and the private sector and never cease to be inspired by the young people in our county.

Crimebeat funded our Youth Ambassador project for Street Aware. The project involves creating youth ambassadors following an induction programme. After this, the youth ambassadors will work in school alongside the younger pupils to help deliver the knowledge and dangers of drug abuse. In addition to this, the youth ambassadors will also work out of school hours to deliver help and support within their communities.

Crimebeat value our programme very highly as much as we value their support which enables us to help reduce crime and vandalism whilst keeping young people safe. By providing education through the use of student ambassadors it is more likely engage young people. This education will then highlight the dangers and consequences of drug use and help steer people away from a dangerous path.
Read more about the work of Crimebeat by clicking HERE.