Youth Ambassador

Our Youth Ambassador programme/peer mentor programme plays a big role in helping others make better life choices in the future.


BUT What does a Youth Ambassador do?

  • Raise awareness of the dangers of substance misuse (including new drugs/legal highs) to young people and provide vital harm reduction messages in an educational settings to reduce risky behaviour.
  • Help to develop lesson plans for PSHE lessons to ensure on-going intervention throughout the year, building knowledge for young people.
  • Help to facilitate resilience workshops, which are encompassed into programme to enhance development.
  • Engage with parents to help them understand the dangers of substance misuse and feel comfortable having conversations with their children
  • Work with designated teachers to ensure they feel confident in tackling substance misuse and support those that require help.
  • Develop resources for young people on substance misuse
  • Ensure our services are current and relevant, keeping up to date with the latest trends in substance abuse and trends.
  • Dispelling the myths and be ‘street’
  • Work with a wide range of agencies to ensure sign posting to local services for specialist on-going long term support for substance misuse.
  • Continual research and evaluations on the project, including questionnaires to evidence behavioural and thought change in young people.
  • Hold ‘Street aware’ stalls to reach out to the community to raise awareness to all.


Why be a Youth Ambassador?

  • Drug misuse can destroy lives, individuals and their families, lets prevent this
  • It’s a chance to meet new people and engage in new activities It’s important to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs to enable people to make safer choices.
  • You get to go on team building trips, gain OCN qualifications for the future and it shows community involvement on UCAS applications or CV's
  • You can promote community inclusion and improve chances for young people and their families
  • Your voice gets to be heard and you have a chance to shape the future.
  • You can help save lives