Drug Education

The drugs education sessions are the main focus of the programme, we aim to educate all pupils from Year 7 onwards increasing with knowledge each year they attend secondary school.

Picture of drugs education – see attached.

The sessions are a combination of assemblies, health days and lessons to each year, it is strong belief of street Aware that education should be on-going to be the most effective in changing thoughts and behaviours of young people. The sessions cover:

  • What are drugs? The reasons why people take substances and dispelling of stereotypes
  • Drug types and their categories, looking at both the psychological and physical effects on an individual.
  • Drug harms, exploring how substance misuse effects an individual.
  • Drug impacts, discussion of how drug misuse has an impact on an individual and society (including health, wellbeing, criminal activity)
  • Harm reduction information and Education
  • Peer pressure resistance
  • Resilience and decision making