The Programme

What does the Street Aware Programme involve?

  • Raising awareness of the dangers of substance misuse (including new drugs/legal highs) to young people and provide vital harm reduction messages in an educational settings to reduce risky behaviour.
  • Development of lesson plans for PSHE lessons to ensure on-going intervention throughout the year, building knowledge for each year group.
  • Resilience workshops encompassed into programme to enhance development.
  • Engage with parents to help them understand the dangers of substance misuse and feel comfortable having conversations with their children
  • Train designated teachers to ensure they feel confident in tackling substance misuse and support those that require help. 
  • Resource and peer mentor development with pupils in schools
  • Ensure our services are current and relevant, keeping up to date with the latest trends in substance abuse and trends. 
  • Dispelling the myths and be ‘street’
  • Work with a wide range of agencies to ensure sign posting to local services for specialist on-going long term support for substance misuse.
  • Continual research and evaluations on the project, including questionnaires to evidence behavioural and thought change in young people.  

Why choose Street Aware?

  • We have a duty of care to our future generations
  • Drug misuse can destroy lives, individuals and their families
  • Initial spending can reduce costs in the long term
  • It is proven that family and community based longer term drug education based interventions have an impact in preventing harm to young people.
  • It highlights further treatment options should individuals need it rather than a delay when support is needed.
  • It promotes community inclusion and improves chances for young people and their families 
  • Creates well informed young people able to carry those messages throughout their lives to also save others.  

Key findings from Pilot study in Warwickshire – it’s worth it…..

The desire to experiment with substances increases with age, as does the number of individuals whom have already been intoxicated with substances.

 Following the intervention of the programme there was a significant decrease (70%) in individuals wishing to experiment with substances, with a particular impact on Year 11.

 There has been significant improvement in correct knowledge on Legal highs/NPS following the Street Aware programme with all year groups.

 70 % increase in knowledge for young people in knowing where to seek help for substance misuse should they need it. 90% of all pupils are now able to identify where to seek help following Street Aware programme.

just to name a few......

couple of did you knows….

  • we believe that every child in every secondary school needs drug education and resilience. That's why we talk to year 7 onwards, increasing their knowledge year on year with a series of drug education, wellbeing and resilience sessions. it is evidenced that a one-off intervention doesn't work and that's why we are determined to make sure we give our future generations the best evidence based education they can get.
  • we are one of the very few drug education companies where all our courses are accredited? not only do we professionally train teachers within schools to OCN accredited level, all our youth ambassadors/peer mentors gain OCN qualifications too! (now we know we are the only ones that provide that!)