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Synthetic Cannabis
Street Aware does not advocate the use of substances. The information below is only to illustrate the dangers of drug use.

DRUG: Synthetic cannabis
AKA: Synth canna, Brand Names: Doob, Black Mamba, Blue Cheese, Spice, Synthetic cannabinoids are chemicals, sprayed on to inert herbal material
FROM: Made in labs, online and head shops
TAKEN: Smoked, in pipes or with tobacco
LASTS: 30-60 mins – could be longer
WHAT HAPPENS? You may experience relaxation, mild hallucinations and sensory change but also anxiety, nausea and panic.
DANGERS: These chemicals have not been tested so generally risks are unknown but can include: liver/kidney failure, heart failure, convulsions/fits, low mood in comedown, depression, death
COST: £10/g average
HARM REDUCTION: Mates aren’t chemists and the retailers often don’t know what they are selling either - so read up on the internet, there are a number drug forums available detailing the effects of a number of substances including the positive and negative. Many of these substances have not had research conducted on them or been tested; do you really want to be the lab rat?? The newer substances are often much more potent than traditional illicit substances and so therefore the amount required to obtain the same effect may be smaller than normal. It is best to start with a low dose and wait to see how you feel, don’t overdo it or double dose, it may take time for the effects to kick in! Never mix substances together as the effects with many of these newer substances are unknown. Be careful of using these substances if you are prone to mental health problems, in a low mood, feeling anxious, depressed or are unwell physically. Avoid using substances in dangerous areas as many can reduce the pain threshold or create powerful hallucinations, so you could injure yourself and not feel or realise it! Ensure you don’t use alone and are with company that you trust in case of any unwanted side effects. Always keep a designated safe person who is aware of substances people are taking. Binges of substances can be dangerous so it is important to ensure that you rest your body (you only have one) and keep healthy during your ‘rest’ periods from substances.