Harm Reduction

so your still going to take Drugs?!


If you decide to still take drugs read this first! Top tips on staying safe… but if in doubt, don’t do it!!!

Don’t believe what your mates say!
Your mates aren’t chemists and the retailers/dealers often don’t know what they are selling either - so read up on the internet, there are a number drug forums available detailing the effects of a number of substances including the positive and negative.

Russian roulette!
Many of these substances have not had research conducted on them or been tested; do you really want to be the lab rat??

Small is not a bad thing!
The newer substances are often much more potent than traditional illicit substances and so therefore the amount required to obtain the same effect may be smaller than normal. It is best to start with a low dose and wait to see how you feel, don’t overdo it or double dose, it may take time for the effects to kick in!

It’s not a cocktail!
Never mix substances together as the effects with many of these newer substances are unknown.

Stay safe!
Be careful of using these substances if you are prone to mental health problems, in a low mood, feeling anxious, depressed or are unwell physically. Avoid using substances in dangerous areas as many can reduce the pain threshold or create powerful hallucinations, so you could injure yourself and not feel or realise it!

You are not alone:
Ensure you don’t use alone and are with company that you trust in case of any unwanted side effects. Always keep a designated safe person who is aware of substances people are taking.

Stay healthy!
Binges of substances can be dangerous so it is important to ensure that you rest your body (you only have one) and keep healthy during your ‘rest’ periods from substances.

Get help!
It is extremely important to seek appropriate medical advice if you require it rather than waiting it out, as things could only get worse. The internet is not a doctor and neither are your friends, if in doubt get help!

Keep the packet!
Remember to keep the packet of any ingested substances as this helps medical services identify what you have taken much more quickly and therefore you can receive the appropriate medical intervention should you require it.

Don’t share!
Be selfish with your paraphernalia, including straws or needles, as sharing may spread disease such a hepatitis C. If injecting legal highs, ensure to attend a needle exchange and adopt safer injecting techniques.

15 Drugs You Might Know As Something Else ...

  • Amphetamines:
    Speed, Phet, Billy, Whizz, Sulph, Base, Paste, Dexies, amphetamine sulphate
  • Cannabis:
    Bhang, Dope, Draw, Ganja, Grass, Hash, Hashish, Herb, Marijuana, Pot, Puff, Resin, Sensi, Sinsemilla, Skunk, Weed, Bush
  • Cocaine:
    White, Wash, Toot, Stones, Snow, Rocks, Percy, Pebbles, Freebase, Crack, Coke, Ching, Charlie, Chang, C
  • Ecstasy:
    XTC, Superman, Rolexs, Pink Superman, Pills, Mitsubishi's, MDMA, Mandy, E, Dolphins, Crystal, Cowies, Brownies
  • Gases/Glues/Aerosols: Whippets, Volatile Substances, Tooting, Solvents, Petrol, inhalants, Huffing, Glues, Glue Sniffing, Gases, Gas, Dusting, Chroming, Butane, Aerosols
  • Heroin:
    Smack, Skag, Horse, H, Gear, Brown
  • Ketamine:
    Vitamin K, Super K, Special K, K, Green, Donkey Dust
  • Legal Highs:
    Plant food, NPS, New psychoactive substances, MDAT, Eric 3, Dimethocaine, bath salts
  • LSD:
    Acid, Blotter, Cheer, Dots, Drop, Flash, Hawk, L, Lightning Flash, Liquid Acid, Lucy, Micro Dot, Paper Mushrooms, Rainbows, Smilies, Stars, Tab, Trips, Tripper, Window
  • Mephedrone:
    Bubble, Meph, MC, M-Cat, 4-MMC, Miaow, Meow Meow, Bounce, Charge, Drone, White Magic
  • Poppers (alkyl nitrites include butyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite and amyl nitrite):
    TNT, Thrust, Rock hard, Ram, Liquid Gold, Kix, Amyls
  • Rohypnol:
    Liquid Ecstasy, Geebs, GBL, GBH, 4-BD, GHB
  • Steroids:
    LMNO, ROI, Muscle, DCLA, Roids, Bicep Tabs, Juice
  • Synthetic Cannabis:
    Black Mamba, Spice, Amsterdam Gold, Devil's Weed, X, Mary Joy, Annihilation, Tai High Hawaiian Haze, Bombay Blue Extreme, Blue Cheese, Clockwork Orange, Exodus Damnation
  • Tranquillisers:
    Vallies, Rugby Balls, Roofies, Rohypnol, Norries, Moggies, Mazzies, Jellies, Eggs, Downers, Blues, Benzos