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Street Aware Youth Ambassador Scheme Receives Crime Beat Funding

(Some of the Street Aware Youth Ambassadors with, presenting cheque right to left, High Sheriff Richard Samuda, Programme Director Donna Williamson, Managing Director Richard Smith) 
Street Aware Youth Ambassador Scheme Receives Crime Beat Funding
The Street Aware schools drug and alcohol educational programme, is designed to help young people in Warwickshire build their resilience to enable them to make safer life choices with regard to substance misuse and risky behaviour.
With the support of Crime Beat funding the Street Aware programme has this year launched a successful Youth Ambassador Scheme.

Stay ‘Street Aware’ with Sevenco

One of the biggest factors facing young people today is the misuse of drugs, with so many young lives being impacted. Young people are particularly vulnerable to the experimentation of substances, often with devastating consequences. Our aim’s are to deliver evidence based drugs, alcohol and resilience education to schools across Warwickshire. One of the main aims of our project is to help to reduce drug related crime in the area.

PCC sees the Street Aware programme in action during Alcohol Awareness Week

PRESS RELEASE: Friday 20th November 2015

PCC sees the Street Aware programme in action during Alcohol Awareness Week

The dangers of alcohol and drugs misuse were brought home to school pupils in Bedworth yesterday (Thursday 19 November) in a special assembly attended by Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball.  Around 150 Year 7 pupils at the Nicholas Chamberlaine School were given information about drugs and alcohol, what their effects are and what the consequences of their misuse can be. 



thank you for todays training. I found it really interesting and useful. It is such a scary subject with it all being so easily accessible. the day was also good as you inform us in such a relaxed and informal way. I have done so many training days when its death by powerpoint and VERY was really fun and I have gained a lot of confidence and information from the session.

Have a lovely weekend.


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